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Without question, COVID 19 has made most people aware of the need to have a healthy immune system. It is the human body's first line of defense to combat infectious viruses. Unfortunately, the body's immune system commonly becomes victim to an illness, such as COVID 19, as evidence of the now over 1,000,000 people who have become infected. Therefore the question must be asked, are most of the people getting infected with COVID 19 have weak immune systems or immune systems that are not strong? Are those not getting COVID 19 have strong immune systems? Are those not getting infected have a diet rich in foods that boost the immune system? The answer to those questions remain unknown, but science and research have unequivocally proven that certain foods and supplements can support a strong immune system. For those people not yet infected, now would be an excellent time to consider natural dietary supplements that can help their immune system. I, therefore, will list some supplements that can help support an improved immune system. Keep in mind that dietary supplements should not take the place of a diet that contains foods that help the immune system. For example, I enjoy adding blueberries to my diet every day. Blueberries contain anthocyanins that have been shown in studies to be anti-viral. During the winter months, if one cannot get fresh organic blueberries than blueberry powder can be an alternative. Other immune-boosting foods include citrus fruits, leafy greens, raw honey, garlic, ginger, and almonds. Typically I will make a blender shake containing almond milk, two handfuls of blueberries, oat powder, two tbs of raw honey, almond butter, native whey protein powder, and two bananas.

Nutritional supplements can be added to one's diet to enhance the immune system further. Immune supplements are great for overall health and fighting off potential infectious diseases. However, do not consider them drugs that will prevent one from getting the flu or the coronavirus. Immune enhancing supplements enhance your body's natural defenses to fight infectious diseases.

Our Recommended Top 3 Dietary Supplements For The Immune System

I am making no claims these dietary supplements can cure, treat or prevent any disease—including, but not limited to, effects from exposure to COVID 19.

Beta Glucan

Beta-Glucans can be found in numerous food products, but they are very abundant in oats. Beta glucan's signal to the body to "kick start" its immune system. One can find many supplements that are 100% beta-glucan. Technically one can eat a serving of oatmeal as well. A company called sells a powdered oatmeal product that is rich in beta-glucans


AHCC is a remarkable dietary supplement ingredient invented by a Japanese company. AHCC is a mushroom product that has well over 30 clinical studies backing its support for the immune system. AHCC turns up the body's own natural immune system by supplying it with alpha-glucans. AHCC has been shown in clinical studies to help treat a variety of ailments such as colds and flu, cancer, hepatitis, and other diseases. One can find AHCC in numerous supplements. Keep in mind AHCC is a trademarked ingredients, so look for the copyright symbol to guarantee it is real AHCC.

Whole Food Fermentate

This is another remarkable product that falls under the trade name Epicor. Epicor is backed by eight human clinical trials proving its effectiveness in enhancing the immune system. Epicor can be taken every day like a multi-vitamin for year-round health benefits.

Honorable Mention.......


This fruit extract has anti-viral properties and can be used effectively to enhance the immune system. The brand I recommend is called Eldercraft and can be purchased on

Supplements Not To Use

With COVID 19 awareness at an all-time high, there are hundreds of supplement companies trying to sell supplements that they claim can help the immune system. Supplements such as vitamin c, vitamin e, multi-vitamins, and echinacea. Yes, these do benefit the immune system, but not nearly as good as the supplements I recommend above. In addition, one can eat common foods to get these nutrients.

In conclusion, to help stop the spread of COVID 19, everyone must do their part, such as social distancing themselves and washing their hands frequently. One's diet and the use of nutritional supplements help support the body's first line of defense to ward off the disease. The three supplements I mentioned above are excellent choices to boost the immune system.

About the author

Alex Rogers is an expert in dietary supplement manufacturing and has been working in the supplement industry since 1998. He is the owner of, a leading supplier of high-quality protein powders and supplements.

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