Florence Open tee times

Friday’s first-round pairings and tee times for the second Florence Open golf tournament being held at Blackberry Trail:


8 a.m. – Phil Grimes, Jimmy Thompson, JT McLemore

8:10 – Charles Whitehead, David Corl, Bill Ary

8:20 a.m. – Lane Smith, Will Cabler, Jordan Smith

8:30 – Jr. Witt, Mike Brewer, Don Robinson

8:40 – Steve Brewer, Lynn Hamner, Robert Crittenden

8:50 – Ludwig Seme, David White, Jim bell, Darryl Grisham

9:10 – Roger Guyton, David Dolan, Jason Regan, Phillip Jordan

9:20 – Vince Lindsey, Jim Lancaster, Randy Nelson, Larry Forsythe

9:50 – Nick Pinegar, Richard Graham, Chris Plunket

10:10 – Dale Nesbitt, Dwight Hamner, Mile Jemison

10:20 – Keith Pope, Jimmy Oliver, Gene Clements

10:30 – Brian Johnson, Darren Woodruff, Walt Schreiber

10:40 – Jeff Bohannon, Jeff Frederick, Fred Boughner

10:50 – Mike Butcher, John Lyndon, W.L. Smith

11:40 – Johnny Todd, Bobby Dolan, Tommy Stephens

12:10 p.m. – Alex Beavers, Daniel Holden, Nathan Campbell

12:20 – Justin James, Justin Phillips, Eric Truitt

12:30 – Cory Murks, Danny Owens, Clay Jones

12:40 – Thomas Regan, Brant Bishop, Cullen Carstens, Brenden Keller

12:50 – Landry Miller, Kenlee Nix, Austin Richardson

1:20 – Mitchell Ray, James Risner, Tyler Malone, Austin Gean

1:40 – Vic Barnett, Nicky Hartsfield, Curly Marks, Joel Barnett

1:50 – Parks Hartsfield, Corey Rochelle, Jonathan Spann, Dennis Danley

2:10 – Jerry Balentine, Terry Thomas, Scotty Stephens, Alex Rowell

2:20 – Will Bishop, Luke Dolan, Zach Ashley


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