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Cherokee High School football coach Lymos McDonald said God's plan differed from his and led him to becoming a high school coach. [MATT MCKEAN/TIMESDAILY]

Cherokee football coach Lymos McDonald has enjoyed a successful coaching career even if it wasn’t his chosen career path.

McDonald said being able to follow God’s plan instead of his own plan has helped him find his calling as a coach.

“My plan was to go to college, play pro football, move to Hawaii and stay there, but that was my plan,” McDonald said. “God had other plans. I was a guy that sports did a lot for, and a guy that sports took places I wouldn’t have been able to go. Creating that opportunity for kids is rewarding.”

McDonald has coached a variety of sports and has contributed as a coach for 28 years, but said he really never felt this responsibility until about six years ago as an assistant principal at Cherokee High School.

“I was working with a kid who I thought was the baddest kid I had ever met,” McDonald said. “I had a few plaques on my wall from my playing days. He asked me ‘So you’re that good?’ and I said ‘I was pretty good, and if Dallas had any sense you never would have met me.’ The young man said ‘I’m glad they didn’t have any sense coach’.

“I cried all the way home that day because I realized I was doing what God wanted me to do. For 20 years or so I was mad I wasn’t that NFL guy, but then I realized I was doing what God wanted me to do.”

After 28 years, though, McDonald has decided to step away from coaching after this season to spend more time with his family.


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