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Lexington football coach Jason Lard talks with members of the scout team last season. Athletic workouts were suspended Monday and the school is awaiting an athlete's COVID-19 test results. [MATT MCKEAN/TIMESDAILY]

LEXINGTON — Lexington High School suspended athletic workouts Monday pending an athlete’s COVID-19 test results, Principal Norman Lovelady said.

Lovelady said the athlete is a football player who last worked out Thursday, felt ill over the weekend, and was tested for COVID-19. The school expects results to come back today.

“We're just not going to work out (Tuesday) until we find out, and then we’ll make a decision from there,” Lovelady said.

“I fully expect it to come back negative, but we couldn't take that chance,” Lovelady added. “I want the community to realize we're going to love on these kids, and we're going to do whatever we can to protect them.”

Football coach Jason Lard said the unidentified student has played multiple sports. Lard said he and Lovelady agreed to be cautious, even though there was no confirmed case as of Monday afternoon.

“It would be easy to wait until the test comes back, but I don’t think that’s the right thing to do,” Lard said.

He said if a student tests positive, he and Lovelady will discuss what to do next. Lard left open the possibility of shutting down workouts for two weeks if that happens.

Lovelady noted athletes on different teams share facilities.

A message posted Monday afternoon on Twitter accounts for various Lexington teams said basketball, football, volleyball and cheerleading workouts were all suspended. 

“We are being proactive and precautionary to protect our kids. We will not resume workouts until we are sure our student athletes will be safe,” the message read.

The AHSAA allowed schools to resume workouts June 1.

Lard said he wants parents to know the coaches in all sports are working together to do what they can to keep kids safe. He said the health of students will continue to be the top priority of coaches.

“I know there’s a concern out there. I’m a parent. My kid plays football,” he said.

Lovelady said workouts could be suspended again if an athlete requires a COVID-19 test.

“If the physician feels like they should be tested for COVID, I don’t think we have a whole lot of choice,” Lovelady said.

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