Formal wear denotes a special occasion. Just like the girls, the guys can dress up for prom!

It is not as hard as you think. And to alleviate every guy’s worst fear: Nobody will measure your inseam! What measurements will they need? Easy Just eight or nine: Height, weight, neck, sleeve, waist, outseam (not inseam), chest and hip.

How do you pick where to go? Choose a local formal wear specialist. You will have a few trips to this store and it is always great to shop local.

What on earth do I pick?

Go at this with a bit of your style in mind and a color that coordinates with your date’s dress.. The color comes in with the accessories (tie and vest/cummerbund). Choose the tux first.

Tuxes come in a variety of colors, and this can set the theme for your outfit. Black is most traditional and timeless. Grey is hot right now. White is fun. Colored or camouflage tuxes? If this is you, go for it.

Accessories. Think coordinate with your date. Ask her for a piece of material of the dress. Don’t rely on cellphone pictures — colors are not true with a cellphone.

Do you want a bow tie or long tie? Do you want a vest? Suspenders? Add a little with a black shirt and bright accessories?

Know your budget and let the sales clerks know what you can spend. Just as with cars, every model includes different features, designer names and price!

Do not wait until the last minute. Prom is the busiest three to six weeks in any tuxedo store — do not get lost in the crowd!

You know when your school has prom, but it is a sure bet surrounding schools may have the same day. Think ahead and try to arrive as soon as the store opens on a weekend, or as soon as you get out of school to save waiting too long.

You will most likely have to put a down payment to hold/order your tuxedo. Most places it can be as little as $20. Be prepared. Call ahead!

Keep track of the receipt or pickup tag. It will help greatly when you arrive to pick up your tuxedo and other people may be there at the same time. Your pickup ticket or receipt will help speed this process.

Pick your tuxedo up on the designated day, usually one to three days in advance of prom. Be prepared to try it on. Yes, this is a pain, but do it. Have your receipt or pickup tag because when two or three schools have prom on the same weekend, tuxes may be waiting for guys with similar names.

Your receipt will guarantee you and the store you have the items you ordered!

The sales people will not only help assure you on how it fits, they will show you how to adjust pant buckles, and tighten the tie and adjust the vest or cummerbund. These are not everyday clothes and you wear them a bit differently. Do you know how to use the studs and cuff links? They will be happy to show you.

Have an amazing time at prom and pose for some of those great photos with your friends! It really is a special night and you are dressed for it and know you look good.

Keep track of all the pieces of your tuxedo later and place together to be returned the next day. Check the return policy and be prompt.

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