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Change is coming and you’re not going to like it.

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Ms. Johnson you don’t have a clue as to what socialism is. I’ve been to countries that have socialism. You’re not going to like it I promise. By the time people figure out what socialism really is it will be too late. You wrongly think payroll taxes go into a fund to pay for social securi…

I agree Mr. Glass. Facebook should not be a forum for political debate. Facebook is a problem in our society.

Democracy and democrats are total opposites. Remember that when you vote. BTW, anyone trying to give the previous POTUS credit for the robust economy is out of their mind. The previous POTUS told us the bad economy (during his laughable leadership) was the new normal. And when Trump was e…

You are 100% right Mr. Jones.

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Fox news is the only outlet that gives both sides of the issues. You will only see the left’s point of view on cnn (clown news network). cnn, and the other left wing news media, will censor any opposing view.

CScott commented on Yes, change is going to come

Everything you said about Trump is exactly what the dims are doing. Right out of the lefties playbook. Accuse the other side for the acts you are doing.

I guess spending money we don’t have, printing money without a gold reserve, and then spending more money is not oddball policies to you L.A. Times. Slandering the President without anything to back it up because they’re liberal is a constant annoying fixture of the L.A. Times.

The left doesn’t know how to be civil.

Walter, to say Trump isn’t a true leader during the covid crisis is just ridiculous. His actions have saved countless lives and a fast track for a vaccine wouldn’t have been possible without his leadership. The U.S. should be thankful he’s President and not some loony lefty that think it’…