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Linda Rushing

The greatest power hitter since Hank Aaron.

Seriously? you're picking Wayne County over Moore County?

Quite possibly the worst team to ever win a national championship in any sport.

Crazy, Ole Miss doesn't even deserve to be there. This is like a play in team in the basketball tournament making it to the finals.

He might not be interested but David Weathers would do well.

The timing is right for the standard to be back with reclassification, the two biggest road blocks are in 2A now. Molly looks to be the best coach since David Byrd retired and the talent lever is higher than it's been in several years. But don't think it will be easy, Collinwood has some …

Collinwood record is now 16-10.


Shoals Christian, AL 57 27

Lexington, AL 55 38

Adamsville 57 53

Scotts Hill 48 51

Loretto 20 69

Adamsville 56 81

Loretto 26 67

Lexington, AL 77 59

Frank Hughes 67 44


FYI, Collinwood's record is 16-9

The reason they haven't hung a banner in a while is because they have been playing against two teams that should have already been in 2A. Without reclassification they would be playing for third place in the district again this year.

I'm sure Oak Mountain appreciated getting toasted by 60+ points while Deshler's starters are in the game in the 4th quarter firing up three's just to get a record.